Fish-camp style seafood on wheels!

Its not fast food, just good food as fast as we can make it.

Hi! We’re Cranky Crab Seafood Food Truck, home of Bang Bang Shrimp and other favorite fish-camp style seafood…on wheels! Check out our schedule and follow us on Facebook for frequent updates.

Our food truck specializes in fried seafood platters, entrees and appetizers including but not limited to fish, shrimp, deviled crabs, oysters and chicken tenders. You can have it all or try one of our less-fried options. Ask us about our locally-sourced ingredients. See you soon!

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Greetings, fans. You’ve all been asking for this month’s schedule, but I have a bitter-sweet announcement. As of November 08, 2023, Cranky Crab Seafood is permanently closed. This was not an easy decision and has been months in the making.

For those of you who know me personally, you know my family farms. I’ve worked on the farm every chance when I wasn’t working in the Crab, but the Crab grew and grew and grew. It became as much and more than I could handle alone and I wasn’t looking to make it my career because the farm comes first.

After a hectic, scorching summer the farm lost a full-time staff person. I also didn’t realize while I was working 14 hour days back to back, I was missing the last precious weeks of someone very special to me until it was too late. I haven’t forgiven the Crab or myself for this yet.

I was holding out hoping an investor or restaurant professional would want to take the Crab to the next level but that didn’t happen. The trailer has been sold and the business is closed as of today. Maybe one day… In the mean time, we won the “Super Bowl” twice (best food truck). We aren’t gonna pull a Tom Brady. We are gonna quit while we are ahead.

There are too many thank you’s for an already too-long post. I have been astounded at our following and have met friends I will never forget. Nebo, you are a treasured hidden gem to me and I look forward to getting to visit you myself now instead of just coming to work. You are a special place with fans I’d rather refer to as friends. To each and every customer, thank you beyond words. To the ones who know who you are-including my staff- you have my heart and forever gratitude.

I have taken the full time position on the farm. I will now get to watch my 6yr old niece’s ballgames, not miss so many holidays and family birthdays, and maybe even see a football game on Sunday again. Most importantly, I learned my lesson- I’ll be investing my time up front with the people I don’t want to miss too late.

In parting, I want to leave you all with this- In the words of Robin Williams “Be kind, no matter the situation. You never know what someone is going through”. In this work I’ve met some of the kindest people you could ever ask for and the most selfish people you never want to encounter. The only One of us more special than the rest has already come and will come again. In the mean time, don’t be too cool to just be nice and better yet show kindness, especially when you don’t have to. Our world has never needed it so badly.

With tears and forever gratitude,

THE Cranky Crab